Agency Leasing

Making a smart purchase is just the beginning of a successful investment experience. After the acquisition, we evaluate how your property fits in the marketplace, and then we learn how to make it stand out. We examine the asset from various viewpoints and recommend an approach to that encompasses marketing, leasing, tour and workplace strategies to maximize your value and increase the pace of leasing. Ensuring you get best fit in the shortest turnaround time, saving you time and making you money.

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Agency Leasing From The Social Division

The Social Division offers comprehensive agency leasing services to ensure that your investment is delivering you the highest value and the right tenants for your investment objectives. Our goal is to develop and execute a winning leasing strategy. We start by developing a holistic analysis of your property’s unique attributes and leverage market insights to protect—and grow – your investment’s value in today’s market conditions.

Whether your investment is a signature downtown office tower, a suburban office park, or an industrial or retail space, our team will develop a plan that includes:

  • An end-to-end marketing strategy for new tenants
  • Ongoing positioning, marketing, and pricing strategies
  • Negotiating advisory for desired lease benefits
  • Tenant retention

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Recommending the best solutions for your investment strategy begins with understanding precisely which obstacles you’re facing today, and where you want to be tomorrow. Our team goes beyond traditional investment sales, thoughtfully choosing from a broad spectrum of potential solutions to achieve your investment objectives.