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Whether your goal is to grow store count, relocate your office or strategize for the future, Social Division can help. Our leasing representation is designed to seamlessly navigate you through the leasing process. We help you set targets, focus on reducing costs, mitigate risks and advocate your side to help you lock down your lease, on your terms.

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Our approach to leasing representation is centered around understanding your goals and developing a strategy to meet those goals. We evaluate your current objectives and future needs to make sure each location supports your sales, operational and financial goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of Leasing Representation ?

In most cases, the landlord is the one who covers the fees paid to the tenant leasing representative. Although tenant leasing representative are incredibly helpful for companies looking for commercial real estate to rent, their services also benefit landlords, as they help fill vacancies. Because tenant leasing representatives allow landlords to quickly turn over empty space, they are willing to pay for their services. As a result, you can usually enjoy the services of a tenant leasing representative without having to pay anything.

Why Should I not use the Landlord Representative?

The primary difference between a tenant leasing representative and a Landlord representative are substantial. A Landlord leasing representative primarily has the Landlord’s best interest in mind when completing a transaction. A Tenant leasing representative advocates on the Tenant’s behalf using their market knowledge to get the best deal done for the Tenant.